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pop charts 2/05

well, a long long time ago I thought this might become a monthly event, but it's taken nearly two years to return to this and, well, maybe it needed to take that long... these are the numbers tallied by the Dland server, the most popular pages based on your visits here (Dland only lists the top 50, so the pages below the 50 listed with ... visits were previously in the top 50 but dropped out in this last count... some of these are years old, let me know what you think... I'm flattered to think that the bio-type pages rank high cuz maybe it really means you want to know me, but I'm most interested in what you think of the rhymes...

an individual page may be popular because it's linked a lot (and we know some people who do that, don't we?... who me?)... or it could be popular because it has an appealing title and is selected from the archive... or it could just be a really great read and word of mouth passes it along (ego loves that one)... but whatever gets a page listed on this most visited pages list, there are lots of pages worth visiting (especially newer ones, go pick your favorite, aye?)... in the end, I enjoy seeing what you like to read (and you know I love the comments you leave) and I love stats and playing with numbers, so this is fun for me (and you?... go ahead, click on your favorite entry, click a few times, click a lot, see if you can get your favorite into the top fifty... if that sort of thing is fun for you, of course)...

hopefully you aren't too bored J

# of visitspage:
356 who I am (seriously)
299 love in me
266 beginnings
260 collaborations and love affairs
236 which life is this, anyway?
232 want to believe
217 the heart of human madness
208 a revolutionary idea
208 and the telling of secrets
206 A Love Story (and a tribute to Harry Chapin
203 re-runs
200 on a page
198 once upon a time
198 love, love, love...
197 if I could
195 "as flowers do" (a letter)
194 what are you here for?
193 so much room for more
191 on the other hand
189 the best that life can be
183 diarist
181 as if I knew (come for the fall)
180 ground rules for flying
174 in human eyes
174 in love believe
173 to love and be loved
168 whoami
164 do you remember?
164 musical appreciation
162 for one who ones
161 road map to the stars
159 I love you
159 someone who can love
158 audience of one
156 loving childhood
156 a dog's life
155 sensitivity
152 do you remember?
152 meanwhile, back at the pound
150 subliminal advertising
148 love's lullaby
147 wish you were here (in the big green chair)
147 believe in charms
147 why I love the fall
147 one shared moment
145 Of Love and Rimes
143 stumbling through the beginning
142 it's not all fun and games
139 be my god and my dream
138 good at being good
138 I'd rather be dreaming
138 dreams
136 lyrics
... stumbling into darkness
... falling in love again
... to amazing for words
... loving childhood
... more
... dreams of farewell
... what do you want to do with your life?
... what goes around...
... love, god, and everything
... simple
... something for a memory
... blueprints
... wide awake at 4am
... ever get that feeling
... telling
... with sleep deprivation
... a day in the life
... should I?
... serves me right
... time time time
... silent readers
... smile in your pocket
... love me
... and the excitement continues to build
... amy
... I believe in you
... Hurry TV
... kiss
... special
... all I want is love
... Toronto on the First of May
... from afar
... fool in love with love
... 1968 Reprise
... life is a party
... mystery


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NOTE: Due to excessive comment SPAM, comments have been turned off... ironically, this month is the renewal for supergold membership and the comments feature... bad timing... you know how much I love feedback, so maybe there's be comments again one of these days... until then, please leave a note... thanks J

I love you all for coming... for reading all these words
for every click feels like more love (I know that sounds absurd)
if I could only tell you... one thing more tonight
I'd say
I wish you could come home with me and be my friends for life