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blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah...

meanwhile, after contemplating rule 222 in the handbook of the gods, I realized my mistake... must have been the long notes... wait, that is rule 111... yeah, I know, there are no rules, only chaos... but the bait tastes so good, I just keep biting anyway... remember, taste bud whores, red light district, and all that?... obviously cute thing has me all hot and bothered and flustered or something, whatever it is, it feels good so I'm going with it (am such a sucker for cuteness {especially intelligent cuteness with depth and sense}... and adorableness, which is a distinct level above and beyond cuteness which requires more than words, is my kryptonite)... but then, after all, I'm safely sitting in my big green chair in Orlando and the sun is still shining brightly on this part of the world...

I've been toying with the idea of putting my cellphone number in an entry... I think I've put it in notes or comments before... I know I've put my voicemail number just about anywhere an interesting call might come from... that's 407-426-7101...I suppose I should check it more often than I do... I think I checked it once in May... this year thought...

I think I'll go out for a little while... maybe rent a DVD... I've got the whole place to myself for a change (Sam is working all night at the dead billionaire's house)... so suddenly staying home and throwing myself a party sounds good to me...

. o O ( ring ring ring ) O o .

well, I am still wired into the universe well enough, cuz just as I was deciding to stay in, Helena is already too pooped to come over, Rasputin is probably working since he hasn't called, his adorable kid is probably enjoying the freedom of being away from her mom, and I am still not up for wandering the night life alone... this boring old person phase will not last forever, so I will enjoy the vegetative qualities while I can... then minutes after I put the phone down, Rasputin called and confirmed his sleepiness as he is working this weekend (he works something like 12-14 hour shifts overnight) and the call was a way to try to stay awake on the way home... we've kind made plans for me to pick up food at our favorite Italian restaurant (it's called Michaels not far from the university east of Orlando... when you come to Orlando, I'll met you there... his daughter says she comes to Florida to eat there and it's real convenient that he lived in the same city)... I lived a few minutes from it and he's a half hour across town... so tomorrow night I just might be delivering four dinners and hanging with with the fun one in his family while he naps... then I'll be heading to work...

I've got a million reasons not to trust anyone
reasons way too good to argue, anybody would agree
so why am I still the fool who has only just begun
I'm just a kid looking for friends to play with me

the same old story, blah blah blah blah blah
don't want to bore you, blah blah blah blah blah
don't want to scare you, blah blah blah blah blah
afraid to trust you, blah blah blah
but want to love you, blah
and want somebody to love me
the same old story, blah blah blah

will the trails of blood behind me scare you?
will the scars around my heart make you weep?
will the story of my life just upset you?
will I have to keep all I have been asleep?

the same old story you've heard many times before
my love loved me and left me and took everything
it's blah blah blah and blah and blah blah blah blah
the same old blues that every broken heart must sing

the same old story, blah blah blah blah blah
don't want to bore you, blah blah blah blah blah
don't want to scare you, blah blah blah blah blah
afraid to trust you, blah blah blah
but want to love you, blah
and want somebody to love me
the same old story, blah blah blah

and sitting around here will not do it
if love is out there I've got to get to it
the blah blah blah will never end unless
I find someone to share the happiness
blah blah blah and then another rhyme
I guess
I'll go out and look for love one more time

meanwhile, tonight is young and it's time to go find something fun to do... and whatever may come, with peace and quiet in the place here until morning, when I get back here I just might turn up the music and see what the muses have in store if I give them some writing undistracted time...

alright, blah with a beat... 407-325-1482


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NOTE: Due to excessive comment SPAM, comments have been turned off... ironically, this month is the renewal for supergold membership and the comments feature... bad timing... you know how much I love feedback, so maybe there's be comments again one of these days... until then, please leave a note... thanks J

I love you all for coming... for reading all these words
for every click feels like more love (I know that sounds absurd)
if I could only tell you... one thing more tonight
I'd say
I wish you could come home with me and be my friends for life