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on the other hand

day after day, alone on a hill... what foolish grin?... and to think, there is a primary journal I've been rambling on in for years that is being neglected and has fallen almost six months behind and here I am rambling in this as if there's no other place for me to be... but then, there are actually several other journals going on at the same time in my mind and some of the rivers of words flow on to the web... and I recently found a journal that I forgot all about that I started two years ago that was supposed to be my primary public journal that reached out to the world as openly as possible (imagine that... what?... a journal of mine devoid of obscurity?... foolish or wise?... time might tell)... if you are interested in where else and why else, you'll just have to ask... and then we can decide just how much you really want to know... until then, think about this...

fools burn karma candles
wise men eat them
and in another land
fools are wise

fools say foolish things
wise men repeat them
and on the other hand
may be lies

when you ask yourself for compassion
do you find enough to spare
when you are looking for reactions
do you know someone who'll care

what do you do
when no one's there
what do you do
when no one will share

fools eat karma ice creams
wise men sell them
and in wonderland
fools are wise

fools live wild stories
wise men tell them
on the other hand
          may be lies

when you want to be understood
who is there?
and when you want to be loved
who will care?

I will care because I do care and all you have to do to feel it personally is to come to know me personally... there are many ways to contact me and I welcome visitors and as you oughta know by now, I seek close companions, creative muses, and that elusive the one person... real life, the show, ta da

and you, dear readers, are very much appreciated... you keep me alive and hopeful even when life presents tangible reason for utter despair... you, dear readers, who put up with my whining and laments and longings and wishing for love and companionship and passion and trust and friends and all the rest... you are appreciated much more than words can say and someday I would like to bring us all together for a big pajama party... for now, just imagine it virtually...

and so to all...

nite nite


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I love you all for coming... for reading all these words
for every click feels like more love (I know that sounds absurd)
if I could only tell you... one thing more tonight
I'd say
I wish you could come home with me and be my friends for life